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Male Escorts London proudly announces the addition of our London Gay Escorts category to its independent male escorts stable. The category is for Gay men who are available for hire to perform sexual services for other men in and around London. As the men are available for hire or rent by other men, the gay escorts available in London are often referred to as London Rent Boys.

Our aim with this category is similar to our straight independent London Male Escorts category. Providing a premium directory service with all escorts appearing on our Gay London Escorts home page. We understand that there are plenty of free male escort and gay escort directories available on the web and like most things that are free you get what you pay for.

We believe in quality not quantity. As such we invite independent London Gay Escorts who have a professional outlook, quality tasteful photos and a well thought through bio to join us online.


London Gay Escorts the History of Homosexuality

Gay Escorts London History of London Gay EscortsThe term homosexuality is fairly a modern term having been invented in the 19th century. It is a term invented to describe a man’s sexual preference towards other men rather than women. The term is not necessarily gender specific and can be used to describe women who have a sexual preference for woman, although the term lesbian is more commonly used.

The word Gay derived from the 12th Century old French word Gai which roughly translated into English meant “carefree”, “happy”, or “bright and showy” began to be used in place of homosexual in the late 19th Century. Almost 100 years later in the 20th century it was deemed necessary to invent a term to describe those people who are not predominantly attracted to one sex or the other. The term bisexuality was born for those people who were happy to swing both ways providing a label of bisexual. During many decades of the 20th Century, the word homosexual was used in a derogatory slanderous fashion. The term Gay although appropriated with the same meaning as homosexual has managed to remain a more innocent term.

Gay London Escorts of Ancient Eygpt London Gay EscortsThroughout history and the world there are many recorded instances of widely accepted same sex relationships. One of the earliest possible documented recordings of a homosexual relationship was found in Egypt. Two high ranking officials to pharaoh Niuserre during the 5th Dynasty (c. 2494–2345 BC), Nyankh-Khnum and Khnum-hotep were buried together in a mastabe tomb by their families. In this tomb there were several paintings of the two men embracing and touching their faces nose to nose. Which in the ancient world was equivalent to kissing.

Prior to European colonization in the Americas, indigenous people accepted a common form of same-sex sexuality known as the Two-Spirit individual. In China same sex relationships have been recorded as early as 600 BCE, known as the pleasures of the bitten fruit. In Japan homosexuality has been documented for over 1,000 years with a connection to Buddhist life, known as shudo or nanshoku. In Thailand, Kathoey, or “ladyboys,” have been a feature of Thai society for many centuries. It is well known that Thai kings have had male as well as female lovers. Same sexual relations in ancient Greece and ancient Rome are well documented and appear to be an everyday accepted cultural norm.

Why did homosexuality and same sex love become so socially unacceptable during the 20th Century in Great Britain? An historical question perhaps to be pondered and left in the past. As the 21st Century moves into full swing the days of persecuting sexual minorities are starting to become a thing of the past. Understanding and acceptance is slowly beginning to take over from persecution. Illustrated by The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, being passed on 17 July 2013 for England and Wales.

Gay London Escorts Stand Up and Be ProudGay Escorts London Supports Pride London Gay Escorts

London for many years has been a melting pot for cultural diversity and played host to many socially extreme trends. Is should then be no surprise that London is at the forefront of the First World’s acceptance and tolerance of this new world order. Homosexuality, same sex attraction is simply a natural part of life. It’s not something to be persecuted or feared. It is simply something to be accepted. For all Gay London Escorts stand up and be proud. Embrace the meaning of the word to be a Gay in London, be “carefree”, “happy”, and “bright and showy”.

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